About Us

About Success GATEway Engineers Academy

Envisioned with the motive of nurturing engineering undergraduates, by honing their analytical and technical skills as an essential preliminary for their upcoming successful professional or academic career, Success GATEway Engineers Academy was started in 2014 as a coaching Institute for GATE preparation (for CSE undergraduates) and placement preparation for product and service based IT companies.

Under the visionary mentorship of Vinod Yadav and Sachin Shah, the institute has consistently embarked upon producing stellar results thereof and expanding frontiers ever since in the courses of study being offered to incorporate latest trends in the hiring process of various organizations besides its key strength in GATE preparation.

The institute offers a wide range of preparatory course material both for the GATE examination and IT industry placements that ensures that the student is thorough with the essential pre-requisites in successive career prospects which he/she wishes to undertake. For both the programs, the institute offers a complete package which has consistently valued to have exceptional returns on investment, as aptly testified by the results and achievements.

About Vinod Yadav

Mr. Vinod Yadav is an IIT Guwahati graduate in Software and Computer Science Engineering (A.Y. 2012). An aspiring scientist and academician, he had to his credit numerous employment opportunities from Public Sector Undertakings(PSUs), corporate organizations etc. However, always passionate as a teacher coupled with exceptional subject presentation and elucidation skills he chose academia over industry and has been, since, imparting quality education in Computer Science to students at the institute. He specializes in the field of theoretical computer science with a dynamic and excellent methodology of delivering well-structured and comprehensive coverage of the subject matter, furthering the problem solving ability of candidates besides formulation of original approach from a learner’s perspective in understanding of the technical subtleties and application thereof, as an added advantage.

About Sachin Shah

Mr. Sachin Shah obtained his M.Tech. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIT Guwahati (A.Y. 2012). Strongly motivated by an entrepreneurial spirit and his inherent prerogative in the field of teaching, he founded Success GATEway Engineers Academy with the vision of providing a strong footing to Computer Science graduates as a precursor to their forthcoming professional/academic careers. Credited with an exceptional command in Systems and Architecture, his extremely methodical and well-structured pedagogy offers a very comprehensive and lucid understanding of even the most abstruse concepts. Furthermore, a very nominal tuition fee at the institute subdues the general concern of many students in this aspect and provides them with an opportunity to benefit from the programs being offered.