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We believe, cracking any competitive exam an aspirant must follow “Learn Test Repeat” strategy. Find the learnings (silly mistakes, conceptual mistakes, time mismanagement, conceptual weakness, etc.) from the test and start practicing to overcome.

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GATE-2021 Test Series

GATE-2021 Test Series

Branch: CS

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  • 43 Topic-wise Tests
  • 22 Subject-wise Tests
  • 9 Multi Subject Tests
  • 6 Mock GATE Tests

Test Details and Schedule

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S.N. Subject Syllabus Date
1 CN Part-1 Basics, Data link layer 20-June-2020
2 CN Part-2 Network layer, Routing algorithms 22-June-2020
3 CN Part-3 TCP, UDP, QoS 24-June-2020
4 CN Part-4 Application layer, Network security, Basics of Wi-Fi, Firewall & IPv6 26-June-2020
5 CN Full length (Basic) Complete Syllabus. 28-June-2020
6 CN Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 30-June-2020
7 CD Part-1 Lexical analysis 02-July-2020
8 CD Part-2 Syntax analysis and Semantic Analysis. 04-July-2020
9 CD Part-3 Syntax directed translation, ICG and Run time environment 06-July-2020
10 CD Full length (Basic) Complete Syllabus. 08-July-2020
11 CD Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 10-July-2020
12 C-Programming Part-1 Basics, Macro, Storage classes, Data types and Operators 12-July-2020
13 C-Programming Part-2 Control structure, functions, Pointers, Arrays 14-July-2020
14 C-Programming Part-3 Strings, Structures and Union, Bitwise operators and Miscellaneous. 16-July-2020
15 C-Programming Full length(Basic) Complete Syllabus. 18-July-2020
16 C-Programming Full length(Advanced) Complete Syllabus. 20-July-2020
17 Algorithms Part-1 Time and Space complexity 22-July-2020
18 Algorithms Part-2 Sortings (Including DAC based) 24-July-2020
19 Algorithms Part-3 Divide and Conquer algorithms 26-July-2020
20 Algorithms Part-4 Greedy algorithms, Dynamic Programming algorithms 28-July-2020
21 Algorithms Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 30-July-2020
22 Algorithms Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 01-August-2020
23 CO Part-1 Basic number system, floating point number representation, RCA and CLA 04-August-2020
24 CO Part-2 Memory Organization 07-August-2020
25 CO Part-3 Instructions, Addressing Modes, Assembly code tracing, Instruction pipelining 10-August-2020
26 CO Part-4 Control Unit and I/O 13-August-2020
27 CO Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 16-August-2020
28 CO Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 19-August-2020
29 DS Part-1 Arrays, Stack, Queues 22-August-2020
30 DS Part-2 Linked lists 25-August-2020
31 DS Part-3 Trees 28-August-2020
32 DS Part-4 Hashing and Graph search algorithms 01-September-2020
33 DS Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 04-September-2020
34 DS Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 07-September-2020
35 DLD Part-1 Boolean laws, K-Map 10-September-2020
36 DLD Part-2 Combinational circuits 13-September-2020
37 DLD Part-3 Sequential circuits, Shift registers, Sequence detectors and Miscellaneous 16-September-2020
38 DLD Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 19-September-2020
39 DLD Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 22-September-2020
40 DBMS Part-1 E-R model, Relational Model, Relational algebra, Tuple calculus, Integrity constraints 25-September-2020
41 DBMS Part-2 SQL 28-September-2020
42 DBMS Part-3 Normalization 01-October-2020
43 DBMS Part-4 Transactions and Concurrency Control 04-October-2020
44 DBMS Part-5 File Organization (B, B+ Tree) 07-October-2020
45 DBMS Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 10-October-2020
46 DBMS Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 13-October-2020
47 OS Part-1 Basics, Process, Thread, CPU scheduling algorithms 16-October-2020
48 OS Part-2 IPC and Synchronization mechanism, Concurrent programming. 19-October-2020
49 OS Part-3 Deadlock, Memory management 22-October-2020
50 OS Part-4 Disk and File Management 25-October-2020
51 OS Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 28-October-2020
52 OS Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 01-November-2020
53 TOC Part-1 Finite automata, Regular expressions and Regular languages 04-November-2020
54 TOC Part-2 Push down automata and CFL 07-November-2020
55 TOC Part-3 LBA, Turing Machine, Decidability 10-November-2020
56 TOC Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 13-November-2020
57 TOC Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 16-November-2020
58 Mathematics Part-1 Graph theory 19-November-2020
59 Mathematics Part-2 Set Theory, Relations, Groups and Functions 22-November-2020
60 Mathematics Part-3 Proposition and Predicate logic 25-November-2020
61 Mathematics Part-4 Combinatorics 28-November-2020
62 Mathematics Part-5 Probability and Distributions 01-December-2020
63 Mathematics Part-6 Linear Algebra, Calculus and Recurrence relation 04-December-2020
64 Mathematics Full Length (Basic) Complete syllabus 07-December-2020
65 Mathematics Full Length (Advanced) Complete syllabus 10-December-2020
66 Mixed Test - 1 Complete syllabus- DS, DAA 13-December-2020
67 Mixed Test - 2 Complete syllabus- C, OS 16-December-2020
68 Mixed Test - 3 Complete syllabus- CN, DLD 19-December-2020
69 Mixed Test - 4 Complete syllabus- CD, DBMS 22-December-2020
70 Mixed Test - 5 Complete syllabus- C, DS, DAA 25-December-2020
71 Mixed Test - 6 Complete syllabus- OS, DBMS, DAA 28-December-2020
72 Mixed Test - 7 Complete syllabus- CN, CD, TOC 30-December-2020
73 Mixed Test - 8 Complete syllabus- TOC, CO 01-January-2021
74 Mixed Test - 9 Complete syllabus- Mathematics, CO 05-January-2021
75 Mock GATE-1 Complete GATE syllabus 09-January-2021
76 Mock GATE-2 Complete GATE syllabus 14-January-2021
77 Mock GATE-3 Complete GATE syllabus 19-January-2021
78 Mock GATE-4 Complete GATE syllabus 24-January-2021
79 Mock GATE-5 Complete GATE syllabus 28-January-2021
80 Mock GATE-6 Complete GATE syllabus 31-January-2021

NOTE: In Mixed Tests and Mock GATE papers there will a separate Aptitude and English section.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As our Test Series is scheduled base, they get activated on/after scheduled date/time. You cannot take the test before scheduled date as per the schedule of online test series.
NO, you can not download the test paper/solutions, though you can refer the test papers/solutions/analysis whenever you like in between the Activation Period.
Test result/solution/analysis will be displayed, 30 minutes after the finish date/time of test as per schedule given in the test.
You can attempt the test by using a Desktop/Laptop/ Tablet/Smart Phone but we recommend to use either Desktop or Laptop. There is no App for the test you just need to visit our website to take the test.
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We basically focus on the learning from the tests and therefore questions will be a mixed of easy, moderate and hard level as per the gate trend. Some questions may be tough but they all will be from syllabus.