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To succeed in the hiring process of service or product based IT companies you need to understand the expectations of the employer. Generally it has seen that service based companies ask questions from your academics and also expect you should be good in coding whereas in product based companies the employer tests your analytical ability through problem solving skills hence you must have very good knowledge of data structures, algorithms, analyzing solutions so that you can write efficient programs even for complex problems.

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  • Valdity 1 Year
  • Videos 1200+
  • Assignments 60+
  • Tests 50+
  • Success Stories 4000+

Learn from Experts

Vinod Yadav

Co-Founder & Educator
M.Tech(SE), M.Tech(CSE) IIT Guwahati

He holds Master’s degree in Software Engineering and Master’s degree in Computer Science & Engineering from one of the India’s most premier institute- IIT Guwahati. He is passionate technical trainer, a coding enthusiast and has 12+ years of teaching experience.

Sachin Shah

Co-Founder & Educator
M.Tech(CSE) IIT Guwahati

He is an entrepreneurial doyen, a code lover with an undying passion for teaching, he has done his Master’s in Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Guwahati. He has 10+ years of teaching experience.

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3 fundamentals to crack any interview and Get Hired

Effective Learning | Rigorous Practice | Support

How Success GATEway masters all 3 of them

Effective Learning Rigorous Practice Support
Implementation Oriented Theory Lectures 200+ Frequently asked coding problems and their multiple implementations Personalized study plan and guidance through Mentors
Comprehensive syllabus coverage as per the latest interview trend Topic wise Assignments, Subject & Company Specific Tests Unlimited doubt support in dedicated premium group

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Placement 2019-20 statistics

  • Highest CTC – 19.0 LPA, Average CTC – 4.82 LPA, Minimum CTC – 3.0LPA
  • 97.8% students placed
  • 67% students have multiple offers

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Course Curriculum
The course has been designed to fulfil the gap between industry and academia.

Course Curriculum
  • Basics(Scope and extent, scoping rules, declaration v/s definition)
  • Storage classes
  • Pre-processor(macro)
  • Data types, operators and precedence
  • Control structure
  • Functions
  • Basics of pointers
  • Array and strings
  • Pointer with array, strings and functions
  • Structures, union and bit field
  • Bitwise operators and its applications
  • Miscellaneous (enum, typedef, sizeof(), malloc(), calloc() etc.)
  • Arrays (1-D, 2-D and 3-D )
  • Stack
  • Queue (linear queue and circular queue)
  • Linked Lists (Single Linked List, Doubly linked list, Circular linked list)
  • Trees (Tree Traversals, Tree Operations, Binary Search Tree, AVL Tree)
  • Hashing
  • Graph Traversal (BFS, DFS and its applications)
  • Miscellaneous
  • Analysis (time and space complexity)
  • Sorting Techniques
  • Searching Techniques
  • Divide and Conquer
  • Greedy Algorithms
  • Dynamic Programming
  • Number Systems
  • Progressions
  • Ratio Proportions
  • Averages
  • Mixture and Allegations
  • Percentage
  • Profit and Loss
  • Interest
  • Time and Work
  • Pipe and Cistern
  • Time Speed and Distance
  • Problems on Ages
  • Logarithm
  • Permutations and Combinations
  • Probability
  • Algebra
  • Clocks
  • Calendar
  • Introduction
  • Process and threads
  • Process scheduling algorithms
  • IPC and synchronization mechanism
  • Deadlock and its handling strategies
  • Memory management
  • Disk and file management
  • Introduction
  • E-R modelling
  • Relational model
  • Relational algebra operations
  • Normalization
  • Transactions and Concurrency control
  • Indexing
  • SQL queries
  • Introduction
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Overloading
  • We cover approximately 40 frequently asked puzzles in Tier-1, Tier-2 and Tier-3 companies.
  • In this section we guide you how to answer non technical questions or questions having diplomatic answers like your strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, why do you want to join our company etc.

Course Features


An IT Professional is assigned to each enrolled student as a mentor who will maintain his/her complete report card (videos, assignments, tests, mock interview) and guide accordingly.


Periodic assessment of preparedness of students by taking tests (subject wise/company specific) on SG online portal and based on performance motivate you to study, practice and perform. These tests are designed with the purpose to measure and track student progress.

Mock Interview

Job Interview can be daunting for anyone. Deserving candidates miss out - their dream job - simply because they were not able to put their best foot forward on the day of the interview. We introduced mock interview to feel actual environment as of companies job interviews by experienced industry professionals.

Query Resolution

A dedicated discussion forum to resolve all your doubts, you can also WhatsApp to faculty members. In case if you are stuck anywhere/have any doubts while watching the video lectures or solving the example, you can drop us an email at

Job Guarantee

Our course is structured in such a way that will lead to a strong portfolio to showcase your practical knowledge and we are very confident of the relevance, breadth and depth of our course content.

Placement Assistance

Placement assistance will be provided based on the performance in the assessment tests and mock interview to the students who need it most.

Placement Success Stories

Mayur Jaiswal

I am placed in TCS, Infosys, Wipro , Indus valley partner, Silver Peak Global. Today I would like to share my success journey about my placement. So it all started in 3rd year when we moved our mindset from college fun to have a serious study as everyone started telling us that soon we will have to sit for placement drive.During starting of 3rd year it was very new and confusing too that how to st...

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Vandana Singh

I am placed in IBM ,Infosys ,NTT Data, QA InfoTech, I would like to share my journey toward getting placed .So it’s all started when I came to 3rd year of Btech (CSE) when it hit me what next, because till 2nd year we all are more like enjoying the college life but when you reach 3rd year and you start witnessing your senior getting placed , coming in formals and that moment you also become more a...

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Shivam Bansal

I joined success gateway when I was very confused how to start preparing for placements.. did not know which subject to choose first and from where to start. Then I found success gateway and it was like, solved my problem very easily and the pattern that they are following is very much appreciated. Covered every subject whatever related to placement and strated from the scratch. I got a platform a...

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Placement Preparation

1 Year Validity

₹ 15,999 ₹ 8,499 including GST

  • 1200+ Lectures
  • 60+ Assignments
  • 50+ Tests

Frequently Asked Questions

We teach each concept from the ground assuming you have no background knowledge about subject matter including real-world applied aspects of all the topics.
We have a dedicated discussion forum to resolve all your doubts, you can also WhatsApp to faculty members. In case if you are stuck anywhere/have any doubts while watching the video lectures or while implementing the algorithms, you can drop us an email at
Yes. You can access all videos instantly after completing the payment. We keep on updating concepts, examples, tips and tricks to your course as per the requirement of company’s trends and pattern without any extra payment of fees.
No. The video lectures are pre-recorded. So after payment you can watch any lecture, anytime, anywhere, any machine.
You can login as guest and watch the free videos here to test whether your internet connection is good enough or not. We recommend internet connections of atleast 1 Mbps.
In case you face any problem, you can email us directly to the specified email id.
No, we do not accept fee in installments for our online courses.
No, we do not refund fee for any of our online courses, before making payment we suggest you to watch our free video lectures for the respective courses and take decision wisely.
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